Thursday, March 08, 2007

Byte: Armoured, sharpened and raring to go!

I'm quite impressed with the new Armory on the World of Warcraft website. As you can see on there now, I stayed up rather late last night to kill off a fifth of a level and ding to level 69. Now just 778,000 experience points separate me from the level cap, which is quite a scary prospect, actually. I also spent some more money in the auction house last night, buying a nice set of Blue (Rare quality) shoulders and a new Blue Cloak. I only have a couple of Green items left in my main set of Feralling equipment (which you can see on the character sheet there), which is nice. I desperately need some new wrist armour, which is next on my wish list. I'll have so peruse Thottbot to see where the best Rare leather wrist armours drop. Once I hit 70 I won't have much of an excuse to solo anymore, so I will start playing more socially, doing raids and more instances, hopefully picking up some Epics along the way. That said, though, I really need to work on my Cenarion Expedition reputation, because there's a rather awesome Epic staff for Feral Druids once you get up to Exhalted (or is it Revered? Can never remember which one is higher). The Staff of Beasts I got from the Ring of Blood quest chain in Nagrand is lovely, but as always with this kind of game, there's always one better...
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