Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Byte: 69.5

Having *not* played at the weekend (thanks to the rugby on Saturday and a trip to London on Sunday), I spent a couple of hours last night back in Outland. This time I spent the evening doing some questing in the utterly spellbinding Netherstorm.


I did a few quests for the Ethereals of The Consortium, who inhabit these marvellous eco-domes (that's Stormspire in the background), and pushed myself up a quarter of a level in three hours, leaving me with just under half a level to go. After having almost made myself bankrupt buying "blue" Rare armour items in the Auction House, I also made over 70 gold, putting me (briefly) back into three figures. I say briefly, because I reinvested a dozen gold in a Gift of the Wild III spellbook, which I will need when I hit level 70. I should easily get back into three figures by the time I reach the level cap, meaning that I will be able to immediately buy my flying mount, since the Druid's Flight Form gives you the requisite 225 riding skill, meaning that I don't have to fork out a thousand gold for the riding training - just the 100 gold on the mount itself. I could quest in Shadowmoon Valley to increase my reputation with the dwarves in Wildhammer Stronghold to get a discount, but you get gold so quickly in Outland a piddling 10g is neither here nor there, really.

If I continue to accrue XP at my current rate, I should hit the level cap within the next week - I reckon another six hours' play should do it, assuming I solo most of it. After that, I have to decide whether I want to get "attuned" to do the top level raids, or do some PvP instead. I've never been heavily into the PvP side of things, so it might be nice to try, but I think I'd rather do some raiding with my guild. I guess I'll just have to see which option is more reasonable to do when I've only got short snatches of a couple of hours to play in. My secondary skills also still need a lot of work - so I'll have to devote a couple of evenings to raising those as well. I'm maxed out in both Skinning and First Aid, but my Fishing skill is a paltry 156 and my Cooking is only at 236, so that's quite a bit of time I need to devote to those. My leatherworking skill is even more problematic - now that I've passed 350, each point is a struggle. The only optimal (i.e. gives a point per item made) leatherworking recipe is the Riding Crop, and the materials you have to get for that are a real pain - especially as you need to know a friendly Alchemist with the Primal Might transmute. I'm going to have to grind Fel Scales in Hellfire Peninsula and stick to making Mail armour items that still appear as yellow on my leatherworking list for the time being. Fingers crossed that will get me up to a level where I can make some of the recipes that you can buy from the faction quartermasters in Outland.

It's one of the nice things about WoW - even when you're at the top of the level tree, there's still so much to do. It's going to be keeping me busy for a long time to come, definitely...
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