Friday, March 23, 2007

Bark: [AFK]Iain

Apologies for being rather quieter than usual, but the office was invaded by the RAF and the MOD for the last couple of days, so I had to be on my best behaviour and not blog during work time. It's going to be another quiet period here for the next week as well, as I'm flying up to the Moray Firth for a site visit to RAF Kinloss.

Assuming the weather is going to be okay, I'm going to take my camera and take a few photos of the firth, since I'm staying in Findhorn pretty much right on the coast. I'm also quite looking to the food, since it's a good region for fresh seafood, and the chef at the place I'm staying at is reputedly one of the best in the area. If they serve scallops, I'll be happy.

Naturally, with Findhorn not exactly being London, I'm not going to have too much to do in the evenings, but as long as I have my laptop and my copy of Baldur's Gate, I'm sure I can keep myself gainfully occupied. It's a shame that I wasn't able to arrange to stay up there for the weekend, as it would have been nice to get across to Stornoway to see my brother, since I'm going to be at roughly the same latitude. Maybe next time.

I've got a promising weekend lined up, so I guess I should tell you about it now since I won't be able to blog about it next week. I've got my friend Mark coming over to help me with my drawing technique, though I'm sure we'll squeeze in a little gaming around the edges as well.
On Sunday, we're off to the National Portrait Gallery to have a look around, and I'll be trying to reproduce a few portraits that use different styles. I don't expect to be wholly successful, but it's all good practice.
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