Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bark: Mann Hunter

Since my birthday weekend was effectively delayed by a week (thanks to work) I went into London on Sunday to meet some friends, have a somewhat belated birthday dinner at Harbour City in Chinatown, and otherwise just have a general shop around.

We met Chris and Tanya (our Canadian friends) in Foyles, and I made a beeline for the Cinema section, where I was most surprised to see a book on Michael Mann, which I immediately purchased as a birthday present to myself. It's pretty stonkingly good, too. Though I'm biased, of course, being a total Mann-whore...

So much so, in fact, that I've just been trawling eBay for DVDs of The Keep and The Jericho Mile, which are the only two Mann films missing from my collection. The Jericho Mile should be in the post in the next day or so (having found a Buy It Now for a sum total of £8, including postage), but I'm going to have to (excuse the pun) keep my eyes peeled for The Keep - as it appears to be rather hard to get ahold of. If anyone knows of a cheap, reliable DVD import site, shout out in the comments, please.
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