Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bark: Just how cool is that?

I secured a role on a new project today, before I even finished work on the one I leave at the end of the week. This will please my professional and resource managers, as they won't have to fret about me spending any time "on the bench" (i.e. sitting around on my elbows doing nothing) for weeks... So my record of only being on the bench between projects for a total of two days in the space of seven years with the company remains intact. Major brownie points for me. It looks like a really interesting project, too. I'm going to be doing client/server development in VB6 for an Air-Sea Rescue command and control system, based up in RAF Kinloss (right in the north of Scotland) - with a bit of Oracle PL/SQL and C++ thrown in for good measure. They're looking to integrate in Satellite positioning data to track the helicopters in real-time on the application, so I'll be helping open up the application architecture to take the data feeds. Should keep me busy and out of trouble for the next year or two, certainly.

Not only that, I got word today that the guys building my new PC ran out of the GeForce 7950GTs I wanted in my new SLI rig. So they're giving me a *free* upgrade to GeForce 8800GTS's... Bonus!

AND it's Valentines' Day, so I'll have an amorous Frenchwoman waiting for me when I get home from work today. Days just don't get much better than this...
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