Monday, January 15, 2007

Byte: I'm on top of the world!

I discovered something rather amusing late last night - the photo I posted on Flickr of Shareth in her Tabard of the Protector is now the first link on Google if you do a string search for "Tabard of the Protector". Which is rather cool - I'm even scoring higher than Thottbot (for the moment), so my Flickr account is getting rather more hits than usual. [Edit: Well, it *was* at the time of writing - I shouldn't have uploaded that last batch of screenshots, as I've now plunged unceremoniously off the rankings - not even in the top 10 pages now] This pleases me. And that screenshot is now the most popular photo on my Flickr account by quite a substantial margin; and it's only been up for two days!

I've got a few more WoW screenies that will go up on Flickr over the next few days. Most notably one of Highlord Kruul - one of The Burning Crusade's world bosses - rampaging around Everlook with two gigantic infernal elementals in tow. Azeroth is a rather cool place to be at the moment. I should get my Burning Crusade code in the next day or two - and I can't wait. Shareth hit level 58 last night, meaning that she can venture into the Outland as soon as I get it installed. At the moment, if you try and access Burning Crusade content without having it installed, you simply get teleported to the nearest graveyard. Which is quite funny, really. Trying to tell us something there, Blizzard?
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