Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Byte: The Gank Portal

The Dark Portal officially opened last night at around 11pm GMT, giving me a little over an hour last night in Outland before I had to head for bed. It turned out to be quite an occasion, as pretty much everyone level 58 and above that had the expansion already installed (and a few more besides) turned up for the grand opening.

Picture the scene: Over 100 Level 58-60 players packed into the crater around the Dark Portal in Blasted Lands, battering the hell out of each other in PvP while they waited. The lag was apocalyptic. I was set upon by a pair of Level 60 Horde Warlocks and had absolutely no hope of defending myself, as the lag meant I could move, but couldn't cast spells. I kid you not, it took the server nearly five minutes to cotton on to the fact that I was dead. Another five minutes (and two server crashes and restarts) later, and things calmed down enough for people to actually pile through the portal. Thanks to getting ganked and having to ress, I missed the battle with an absolutely massive elite demon waiting on the other side of the portal, though I did at least get a couple of screenshots of its immense carcass. I may post screenies on Flickr later, assuming I'm not too busy raiding one of the new instances...

In short - WoW just got reborn, bigger and stronger than ever before.
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