Thursday, January 11, 2007

Byte: The Crusade starts early

WoW players got a bit of a treat last night. Now that the final patch for the Burning Crusade has been uploaded to the servers, the Dark Portal to Outland has opened in the Blasted Lands and for most of the evening Level 60 Felguard demons came pouring out of it. Cue an insane rush by pretty much every player with a character over level 55 to head over to the portal to engage in a battle royale with the demons (the reward being a very cool 'Tabard of the Protector' from the Argent Dawn - I'll try and post a screenshot tonight of Shareth posing in her's), while trying not to get ganked by players from the opposing faction in the melee. Predictably, there were skeletons of dead players EVERYWHERE. Oh, the humanity!

I'm not normally on the servers when this kind of thing happens, so it was nice to take a little time out from my relentless pursuit of experience points in order to get Shareth ready for The Burning Crusade. I'm only about 40,000XP short of level 57, which means if I really plug in time over the weekend, I stand a good chance of hitting 58, which will mean I can access Outland pretty much from day one.

I'm getting mildly excited about the whole thing, now. Well, that's an understatement, because I've been having the most awesome WoW dreams - in character. With shapeshifts to Dire Bear form and Cat form, and everything. Quite surreal, really. Speaking of Cat form, Shareth is goddamn lethal now - the free re-spec allowed me to get the Mangle talent, which is absolutely evil. I've gone for agility bonuses on my Feral armour kit, meaning that my critical chance percentage is over 26%; so using Mangle (getting a critical hit or two) I was taking down level 58 mobs in half a dozen hits last night. I hope they don't nerf the talent in a subsequent patch, because it's brilliant...
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