Monday, January 08, 2007

Bark/Byte: Monday is the cruellest day

I got Shareth up to Level 55 this weekend, which was quite impressive, since I'd only just hit level 53 before my subscription expired in November. So gaining two full levels in the space of a week is either a testament to my ability to gain XP quickly, or a testament to my girlfriend spending most of the weekend in bed due to a cold...

So I wasn't really in the mood to come into work this morning, especially with the Monday morning rush hour in full gridlock mode on the Hogsback into Guildford (which I have to take to get onto the A3 down to Portsmouth). It took me half an hour to travel the twelve miles from the Sainsburys petrol station at Watchmoor Park (down the back of Camberley way) to get to the A3. Not a very impressive start to the week. And when I finally got to North Harbour, I had to pull over to let a fire engine past. I sneakingly thought, "wouldn't it be funny if the office was on fire..." and duly the fire engine pulled into the road down to the office infront of me.

Sadly, it wasn't the office that was aflame, but someone's car smoking spectacularly in the car park. I say "sadly", but I was laughing like a drain. It just goes to show how like one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter, one man's tragedy is another man's comedy. I didn't see what make the car was, but I hope it was something suitably expensive.... Preferably a BMW or a Merc. Still, it made my morning. Yes, I know... I'm a bad, bad person.
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