Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bark: Bizarre dreams

Been having very strange dreams lately. I've been running off a lot less sleep than usual, because of the work pressures over the last ten days or so (this is the ninth consequetive day that I've worked, for a total of something approaching 90 hours and counting) and this has definitely had a knock-on effect to my dreams.

Last night the theme was two-fold. I was driving down an American-style highway in my car; wide, straight roads, very little other traffic. So for some reason I actually climb into the back seat to have a little nap as I was bombing along the carriageway at 60-odd miles per hour. All was hunky-dory for a while, and I got up just before entering a town. So I try to clamber back into the unoccupied driving seat as the traffic starts to build up and the town approaches. As I try to squeeze back through the gap over the handbrake and gear stick, I get stuck between the two seats and start panicking as the traffic gets thicker and thicker around me, with the car careering out of control, and me powerless to do anything about it. The dream stops before the seemingly inevitable crash.

Change of theme. Suddenly I'm in Zangarmarsh from The Burning Crusade. Not one of my WoW characters, but actually me. And I'm controlling myself around the environment as I would one of my character avatars. Clicking on an interface laid over my dream's point of view, accessing my character screen (I have quite a good Intellect score, apparently) and inventory as I would normally through playing the game. And then I bash the hell out an Undead Warlock in Dire Bear form... Crazy.
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