Friday, December 15, 2006

Byte: Wii have arrived!

I didn't get much sleep last night, not just thanks to the best part of £400 going on my credit card yesterday to pay for my coupé's latest service and MOT (which included new front brake discs and pads), but mainly because I was too excited about the thought of my Wii turning up sometime today (and also the worry that it might not arrive before I flit off to France for Christmas).

I know that I shouldn't be this excited about a games console, but I can't help it. It arrived (much to my relief) around half ten this morning, and I've managed to get it set up, including the WiiConnect24 stuff, which cooperated with my wireless router fairly painlessly (which is more than can be said for my DS). So those of you that are inclined, my Wii friend code is 3788 8094 7387 1814. Feel free to post your code in the comments thread.

I've just had a quick go on Wii Sports, and the bowling is all kinds of awesome. Fleur's going to love it when she tries it tonight. Well, at least I hope she does... My top score so far is 135, which is better than I get in real life, curiously. I'll be this good in no time, I'm sure. Though my flat doesn't *quite* have the room for all the crazy moves. I've also had a quick game of baseball, too, which if anything was harder than the version I played in Leipzig. I still got a few homers, but it seems like the AI pitching has a bit more variety to it compared to what I played in the summer. The pitching is quite cool. I can get a 151kph fastball, but I haven't quite figured out how to throw curveballs yet. Still, practice makes perfect, I suppose. [Edit: It helps if you read the manual, dummy! - RTFM Ed]

Now I just need to go out and buy a copy of Rayman...
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