Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Byte: Epic Entertainment

With the Wii not turning up and with there being relatively little on my reviewing list at the moment, I've been spending most of my free time playing Hordes of the Underdark again. In my opinion, it's probably the best computerised AD&D game out there at the moment. I certainly prefer it to Neverwinter Nights 2, at any rate. It's probably only because I can play with obscenely powerful Epic level characters (my current favourite being an Elven Neutral Evil Wizard-Rogue-Pale Master), but it does have a very mature feel to it. Taking in some of the most iconic places in the Forgotten Realms (Waterdeep, Undermountain, the Underdark and the Hells of Cania) and dealing with themes as diverse as love, betrayal, ambition, heroism and treachery, plus some brilliant set pieces, there's certainly a lot to keep you interested over the course of the three chapters. It should come with a big "Not for beginners" label on the box, as it's quite hardcore (especially the initial dungeon crawl in Undermountain), but I've been having lots of fun with it, even on what must be my fifth replay by now. I certainly never get tired of seeing Deekin with Red Dragon Disciple wings. (Speaking of which, where on Faerun did they disappear to in NWN2?)

As for my Wii pre-order with Woolworths, I'm going to give them until Friday morning to update the status on my pre-order, and if it's not flagged as "ready for dispatch" by then, I'm going to have to cancel it. No way am I risking that they try to deliver my Wii when I'm off on holiday for Christmas in France and have some feckless Postie run off with it. And to be honest, I could actually do without the expense at the moment (despite the money coming through from gTM), as my car's going into the garage for a service and MOT on Friday, which will no doubt cost a small fortune as I've been driving for about 6 weeks on worn brakes. Though having said that, I'll probably end up buying one from the FNAC when I'm over there. Oh well.

Also in the name of cost-saving, I've decided not to renew my WoW subscription (that expired a couple of weeks ago) until The Burning Crusade comes out in January. I didn't think that there'd be much point in renewing and wasting a couple of week's worth of subscription fees, seeing as I'll be out of the country over Christmas and New Year with no access to my WoW account. So much for hitting Level 60 before the expansion pack comes out. I haven't *ding*ed since Shareth hit Level 53 over a month ago now. Not that I'm too bothered. I've always said that for me playing WoW was more about the journey than the destination. Though it's mildly worrying that I haven't seen either Fearx or Zinar when I've been online recently. Though for Fearx it's understandable, given that he's had a wee bairn in real life, so I guess WoW is the last thing on his mind at the moment...
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