Friday, November 24, 2006

Byte: So much to play, so little time

The constant danger of working in the office in Farnborough is that there's a GAME and PC World just over the road. So there's a constant temptation to have a look at what's new, or what's cheap and add another title to my ever-growing collection.

Today I managed to conjure up the willpower to avoid buying Farenheit, GT Legends (both £9.97 in PC World) and Football Manager 2007 (full price in GAME). Farenheit is one of those games (like Psychonauts and Darwinia) that I know I really should be buying, but simply wasn't enamoured enough with the demo to really be bothered. Even at a tenner, it's still a marginal purchase, because I know I'll probably play it for about three hours one evening, and then go back to playing World of Warcraft.

GT Legends is a little bit different, and was slightly harder to put back on the shelf. The main reason I didn't buy it was because I still haven't goddamn finished that GTR 2 review, and honestly, do I *really* need another driving game? At a tenner, it's a real tempter, but I probably wouldn't devote so much time to it.

Which just leaves Football Manager. This particular genre and I have, well... a troubled relationship to say the least. I haven't really enjoyed a football management game since Championship Manager 2, but I do like football, so I do put thought into picking up the latest effort from Sports Interactive from time to time. Thirty quid is a bit much to pay for something I'm probably going to end up not liking though, so it was never really going to make it to the till. I'm sure it's a fine game (a beautiful game, even?), but I barely have enough time to play the stuff I'm reviewing, let alone squeeze in a serious WoW habit and other games besides.

So I wisely left the games in the store and saved the money. Which I will no doubt spend on wine to drink while watching the Rugby tomorrow...
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