Monday, November 20, 2006

Byte: Long in the tooth

Since the memory card on my phone has a spaz every time I try and connect to it using the supplied software suite and USB connection, I wasn't having much luck trying to get all the photos I'd taken on it off my phone somewhere useful where I might actually be able to do something with them; like look at them on a screen that's not so small it makes your eyes bleed. Finally, I've found a way of circumventing the woeful Sony Ericsson software suite and sending them direct from the phone to my PC's hard drive.

My new laptop has Bluetooth, which (until now) is something I've always thought of as being a bit useless. My phone also has Bluetooth, primarily so you can use one of those ghastly Lieutenant Uhura-style earpieces (that predictably has never come out of its box), so I thought that if I couldn't retrieve my photos via a hardwired connection, perhaps I'd have better luck wirelessly. Of course, my phone, being rubbish as it is, did allow my laptop to connect to it but wouldn't allow me to do a massed file transfer in a single job lot. No, instead I have to send the files over individually, which is progress of sorts, but since I've got over 130 photos on the phone, it's a tad labourious to send every single one. Still, I shouldn't complain. I'd almost given up all hope of ever getting the photos off my damn phone at all. Plus it's nice to have a fjord on my desktop. It beats the hell out of the standard backgrounds you get with Windows XP, anyway.

One of these days I'm going to have to set up a Flickr account so I can share all these photos with you...
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