Friday, November 10, 2006

Byte: I think I need a new hard drive

Neverwinter Nights 2 just arrived. It's a 6GB install. Which, added to the 10GB taken up by Medieval II, leaves me perilously short of storage space. I think I'm going to have to take a bludgeon to my Add or Remove Programs list and get rid of the space hungry games I don't play anymore. Auto Assault and Guild Wars are first on the culling list, I think. With WoW: Burning Crusade due out just before my birthday next year, I'm not likely to be playing them anytime soon. Oblivion too may also be consigned to... well, oblivion. Digitally, at least. I found that the lustre wears off quite quickly, and I don't find myself really motivated to play it again.

NWN2 arriving has actually put the skids under my plans to spend Saturday afternoon in Zul'Farrak... but that's okay, as I've been somewhat eagerly awaiting this. I've been rather concerned by initial reports that the game is quite buggy - there really seems to have been a worrying downturn in QA for PC games recently - but hopefully the 86MB patch I'm downloading for it right now will sort out most of the problems I saw when I played the game in Leipzig.

Expect my review to go on Pro-G sometime in the next week or two. Also in the pipeline are a (somewhat overdue) review of the wonderful GTR 2 and a preview of UFO: Afterlight. I'm a moderate fan of ALTAR's UFO series, and this looks to be the best yet, by quite a margin. The interface is much slicker and friendlier, plus there have been some interesting changes to the base management model. I haven't played it extensively yet (thanks to Medieval II - which I can now safely put aside before it eats my life completely - it's very, very good), but expect more details soon.
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