Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Bark: 30 days notice

As part of my post-holiday cashflow crisis financial restructuring drive (try saying that sentence when you're pissed), I finally got around to cancelling my mobile phone today.

Good grief, they make it difficult.

I suppose it's my fault for going with 3, as their attitude to customer service is pretty woeful. It's not "I want to cancel my phone." "Okay then." "Cheers, bye!", more "I want to cancel my phone." "This is what you can do to reduce the cost of your monthly bill." "I want to cancel my phone." "We have this special offer on monthly tariffs." "I want to cancel my phone." "You can move your phone to pay-as-you-go, but the top ups only last a month." "I want to cancel my phone." "Do you want to transfer your current number to another network, well..." "I want to cancel my phone." (And on and on and on, until they finally get the message).

It was like pulling teeth. You really have to be so rude to the call centre operator, otherwise you never get a word in edgeways and you're there all day, being sold something you don't want. But that's okay, because I like being rude to call centre operators. It's their fault for working in a call centre...

Now all I need to do tomorrow is cancel the *other* phone that 3 mis-sold me as an "upgrade" but neglected to tell me that they weren't going to transfer the number from my old phone to the new one. And gave me another 12 month contract, which expired in September. The reason I'm doing it tomorrow rather than today? So I stand a better chance of being rude to another operator, because after the "service" they've given me, I think I should be as rude to as many of their employees as possible, not just lumber it all on one poor guy sitting forlornly at a desk in a call centre in Mumbai.

So as of next month I will have reduced my monthly overheads by £55; which equates to a tank of diesel for the car. Whoopee. But I guess over the course of a year, it all adds up...
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