Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Byte: Stop that. Stop it, it's silly.

This is getting ridiculous now. IGN UK asked me this morning if I wanted a trip to Kiev next week to do a hands-on preview of STALKER for them. I had to decline on several grounds: a) I don't think my bank account could deal with another trip abroad at the moment, b) I don't have the holiday left to take the time off, c) I don't think I could mentally handle a deadline anyway, d) the THQ PR's are probably sick of the sight of me by now, and e) the multiplayer I got to have a blast on in Leipzig was shite, so I don't fancy a flight all the way out to Kiev to play an equally buggy singleplayer.

Besides, Kiev is in the Ukraine, so I don't want to risk being kidnapped, tortured and killed by the local Mafia after they've sent an unsolicited call girl to your hotel room and you've told her to piss off... There are scary people in Eastern Europe. I'd rather go to America again and be grilled by the Immigration Officials...
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