Monday, October 16, 2006

Byte: It's officially totally official

StarForce genuinely is Teh Shitz. I'd been wondering why my machine had become a little unstable and was randomly alt-tabbing out of full-screen applications or causing my optical mouse to go haywire, and I spent this lunchtime thinking about how it started.

I recalled that it started pretty much after I came back from Leipzig, which narrowed down the list of potential culprits very quickly. The preview code for Armed Assault had required me to install StarForce, and looking back, it was only after I installed that when I began to have problems. So I uninstalled the game (which is shaping up quite well, by the way - it's the same old hard-as-diamond Operation Flashpoint we all know and love, but with graphics that don't melt your eyeballs... well, not *quite* so badly, anyway) and immediately took a hatchet to my Device Manager to get rid of the (hidden) StarForce drivers, that despite being software, manifest themselves under "Non-Plug-'n'-Play" hardware devices in your System menu.

I've left the machine on all day, and it's not had a single glitch. Funny that...
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