Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Byte: Game On

As most of the people who read this should already know, the Game On exhibition is currently running at the Science Museum in Kensington (finishing at the tail end of February).

I'm trying to scrape up a Baldur's Gate-style party to go there with me on the 18th of November. Other than myself, I've got four people confirmed as being able to come, with another three or four people pencilled in as being interested, who will make it if they can. The Game On at the Barbican a couple of years back was excellent, and initial reports are that this one is just as good. So if you were planning on going to see the expo, do let me know if you can make it on the 18th, as it's far more fun going around these things in a group than on your own. And it's also a good excuse to get together in the pub for a couple of hours afterwards, too...
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