Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Byte: Everybody dies

No, I'm not being depressive again, I am, of course, referring to Defcon, which I recently downloaded off Steam.

I had a game against the CPU at lunch (and won, comprehensively), and it's quite an interesting little game. Oddly hypnotic, in fact. Compelling, even. I also spectated a couple of games this afternoon whilst working, and the sheer minimalism of the game's presentation really works beautifully. It's genuinely reminiscent of the big board in Wargames in look, and the soundtrack has a nice '80s synth feel to it as well.

It's one of those games that you can just sit back and watch, which is why it's so cool that Introversion put in a spectator mode. I can imagine myself watching more games than I play. Though I'm looking forward to trying it out online (and probably getting murdered).

The game's mechanically very simple, but there's typically so much going on that it's a real management test. You've got to get things right in the early stages of a game, when placing your bases and silos, otherwise you're really going to struggle in the end-game.

So if you see a server called "Armageddon Man", come and give me some nuclear loving. The name comes from a little known Spectrum game in a similar global nuclear war setting that I was addicted to in my early teens. On a similar theme, you may also find me on a server called "Armageddon outta here"...
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