Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bark: Grrrrr! And Grrrrrr! Again!

Hmmm. It's not been such a good day. I got randomly shouted at and verbally abused during my lunchtime WoW session by a Level 60 Mage - all of 13 years old, probably, judging by how quickly he threw his dummy out of the pram by me DARING to QUEST in an area he was already in. So I told him to fuck off and stop being such a dipshit. Like being Level 60 means you have the right to claim the server as your personal playing ground... Fuck's sake. MMORPGs would be great if it weren't for the other people...

Actually, I take that back. A lot of the people are great: my long-term friends Zinar and Fearx especially, plus newer acquiantances, such as the superbly named Turbobavern. It's just the petulant idiots that bring the experience down. I can deal with the Level 60 Rogues who get a kick out of ganking level 20 alt-characters (that kind of behaviour is kind of expected, and Uther knows I'll bloody well gank mercilessly when Shareth finally hits the top of the level tree), but sheer outright rudeness from people who are meant to be on your own side... it drives me up the wall. And I don't think it's a coincidence that the idiots I meet on the server are Brits and the really nice people are from mainland Europe, either. Hell, if my French or German were better I wouldn't bloody well play on an English-speaking server at all. (Though that would unfortunately mean that I'd miss out on playing with all the lovely Scandinavians, who in my experience are all uniformly brilliant - why can't Blizzard do some Norwegian/Swedish/Danish servers?) I think I'm going to take a break from playing with my alts and put all my time into Shareth, my Druid. It'd be nice to get up to Level 60 before they raise the Level Cap with Burning Crusade. Though I reckon my chances of that happening are pretty slim. Oh, well.

That, however, wasn't the thing that *really* pissed me off today. I mentioned last week that I'd decided that I'd reached a point where I thought I needed to use the company's counselling service. Well, good as gold, the assistance program duly found me a counsellor, and gave me their contact details. I called last Thursday and left them a message (as I'd been told to do). Up until this morning, they still hadn't called me back to arrange an appointment. So I left another message just before lunch. And didn't get a peep out of them all day. Can you believe that? After getting past the mental block of actually admitting your problem is serious enough to seek help for, the FUCKING COUNSELLOR can't be arsed to return your calls! Do you ever get the impression that someone's got it in for you? I'm going to call the assistance program and get them to find me another counsellor, because that's so out of order.

I'm going into the office tomorrow so that I can have a chat with my manager and maybe arrange some time off, because trying to work when I'm having so much trouble keeping a thought straight in my head for more than 20 minutes clearly isn't working; and that's not fair on the project, as I'm about as productive as a plumber drinking a pot of tea at the moment. My sleeping and eating patterns are all screwed up and I'm running on a shorter fuse than a 5-second grenade... You can imagine that I'm not exactly great company at the moment. So beware if you pay a visit to my Defcon server in the next few evenings...
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