Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Byte: Kvatch out, it's Oblivion!

I suppose it was inevitable that I should pick up Oblivion at some point, and I finally did at the weekend. Whilst I remain to be convinced about the first-person melee combat, the sneaky-bow-snipey stuff is great. I'm playing as a Dark Elf Assassin: the Dark Elf part for the fire resistance and the Assassin part for the sneaking, bow-snipeying and lock-tinkering.

I love the design, though the actual people themselves look a little like they've been made out of plastic. There's just something a tad awry about the way their skin looks, especially the orcs and goblins. The reptillian Argonians look rather cool, though. Even Fleur was taken aback by just how beautiful the game world is. Some of the countryside vistas you could frame and put on the wall.

Not much to report so far, as I've not really played that much, though Patrick Stewart must have the smallest credited role in a videogame to date. I was quite surprised that they killed him off that quickly. I also seem to have found an interesting bug with some of the AI. Not all of the mobs (such as bandits and bears) can climb, meaning that you can simply leap on top of a boulder and perforate them with arrows with impugnity. A trick worth remembering in the future, I feel.

My favourite bit so far has been on dungeon crawls, sneaking through tunnel with my bow drawn, and using sneak attacks in caves to draw out the enemies, getting them to set off the tripwired traps as they pursue me. Well, there's no sense in risking my own neck springing the trap, is there?
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