Monday, June 05, 2006

Bark: Urban Parrots

I tell you, there are some incontinent birds in St. Margrets. I (rather unwisely) left my car under a tree just off The Avenue leading to Richmond, and by the time I got back about six hours later, it was literally covered in guano. And the strangest thing of all, is that the majority of it is probably parrot shit.

I took my parents to Kew Gardens at the beginning of May, and as we were walking along the Thames by Old Deer Park, my girlfriend stopped me and said she thought she'd seen a parrot, but must have been hallucinating, or something. Vaguely remembering something I'd seen on a random Bill Oddie program, I told her she wasn't hallucinating, and that there was a whole colony of them in the area. Fleur wasn't the only person surprised to see them. A woman and her husband were cycling the other way down the towpath, and as they passed us, the woman saw that we were looking at about half a dozen of them lined up on the bough of a branch, and exclaimed very loudly "I TOLD YOU it was a fucking parrot!"

Parrots weren't the only wildlife we saw yesterday as we had a walk in Richmond Park: we also got to within about 15 feet of a couple of baby fallow deer, which were literally only about a week old.

The primary reason for going to Richmond, however, was to see an old friend, have a burger, a beer and a good catch-up. These were no ordinary burgers, though. Richmond plays host to a branch of the Gourmet Burger Kitchen, which sells the most outrageous beef burgers known to mankind. Elvis would have loved them. The kiwiburger is especially good - a top quality beefburger with salad, relish, cheese, beetroot, pineapple and (as if all that wasn't enough) a fried egg... My arteries are hardening just from the memory of eating one yesterday. After one of those suckers, I won't be able to go near red meat for a week.
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