Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bark: Oh, the indignity!

Just popped out to pick up a copy of Games TM, and was pleased to see that barring a few punctuation tweaks, (debatably unnecessary ones, I might add, in my somewhat less than humble opinion, but hey, I don't edit the magazine...) my two reviews have been largely untouched. It's quite a surreal feeling to see something I've written on the shelves in a magazine that will be bought by upwards of twenty thousand people. Not that I'm complaining, you understand. I'm thrilled. I'm especially pleased that they left in my "Kick Cuirass" pun for one of the straplines in the HOMMV review. That may very well go down as my finest moment as a games writer. Even my girlfriend thought it was funny.

So, with the prose making it into the magazine almost wholly intact, I suppose it was inevitable that they should misspell one of my names in the contributors list. It's a constant bewilderment to me, the amount of people who still write "Ian" to me, when all my email correspondance clearly states "Iain". Do they think I've got *my own name* wrong? After, oh, THIRTY YEARS you'd hope that I'd be able to get it right by now...

For future reference, "Iain" is the Gaelic word for "John", and "Ian" is the Anglicised BASTARDISATION of it. "Iain" is the original "Ian" and clearly the BEST. Iain Lee is simply the exception that proves the rule, m'kay? So get it right in future, or else.

*waits for the inevitable myriad of comments filled with creative misspellings*
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