Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Bark: Mobile Moan

My mobile phone decided it was simply going to stop working at the weekend. I turned it off to save the battery, and now it simply refuses to turn itself back on again. RUBBISH.

Equally rubbish is 3's customer service. Not only can I not cancel the contract giving 30 days notice, I can't even tell them now to cancel the contract for when the 12 months runs out in September. No, you can only tell them 30 days in advance. Meaning that I have to call them back again in August to do it, and spend another lifetime waiting on hold and navigating their horrendous automated service menu. At least I had them move me down to a lower price plan, so at least it's not haemorraging so much money from my account, and arranged for the phone to be picked up for repair.

So if you've been trying to text me over the past few days (it *could* happen!!), rest assured I'm not being rude, my phone is just being crap.
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