Thursday, April 27, 2006

Bark: On the ropes

Nothing quite like the smell of a government on the ropes. From Charles "Clueless" Clarke, to Patricia "Hapless" Hewitt and John "Two Shags" Prescott, Labour appears to be going into a self-destruction that would make the Conservative Party proud. It's been such a bad week that even Neil Kinnock got banned for speeding on the M4. Delicious. Is that a Musical Chairs theme I can hear in the background? Impending cabinet reshuffle alert!

Okay, I know it's a nothing post. I just wanted to make the "Two Shags" Prescott gag. I admit it...

In other news, I think I'm starting to get carpal tunnel syndrome. My right wrist and lower forearm have been aching constantly for about the last week. And before you start with the wanking jibes, I'm *left-handed*, okay? It's clearly mouse/keyboard-related. Constantly shoving a mouse around a desk and typing for 12+ hours a day is bound to catch up with you in the end. As my girlfriend would say, "Too much computer!"

It's at times like these I'm glad my Mum is a physiotherapist, and just by chance, my parents are coming down to stay with me for the Bank Holiday weekend, too. Hurrah for coincidental timing!
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