Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Byte: Urban Work Avoidance

Well, it's taken a good couple of months, but I'm really getting into Urban Dead now. It took me a while to get past the first couple of character levels, plus a few stupid deaths (and revives, thankfully), but I've got a couple of moderately good characters up and running now.

One's a fully autonomous zombie-killing package, with skills in barricading, first aid, free running and Hitting Things Very Hard With Axes, whilst the other is a twitchy ex-cop, who's a dead-eye with pistols, but has to rely on safety in numbers, because he can't barricade buildings on his own.

It's a great little game for taking a bit of break from work, because since it's action point based, and you only regain AP at the rate of one every half-hour, you can't waste all day on it. And the great thing about it being in real-time is that while your character is asleep, you know that somewhere else around the world, someone is rousing their zombie for the day, and they're probably hungry for brains.

Despite the rather steep initial learning curve, I'm getting to like it a lot - it's as become as much a part of my daily work avoidance strategy as Dilbert. Except Urban Dead doesn't have all the hideous pop-up adverts. And I can't think of any higher praise than that.

My two characters (Iain Mack and Iain McC) are currently residing in Kinch Heights and Houldenbank, respectively. Do say "Hi" if you bump into them. But please leave their brains alone...
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