Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Byte: Neverworking Nights

When the hell did Neverwinter Nights get so buggy? I've been trying to replay it, or rather replay some of the Premium Modules, such as Pirates of the Sword Coast and Kingmaker, over the last couple of nights and I've been frustrated by the game crashing with alarming regularity. I don't remember it ever being this bad before I installed the Premium Modules, so it's either something to do with that, or perhaps the last update of graphics drivers. I'll have to try reinstalling DirectX, too, because I can't be doing with one of my favourite games crashing every hour or two. Annoying.

Though I suppose I shouldn't even be bothering with replaying games I've already completed when I've got things like Resident Evil 4 and the two Metroid Primes just *begging* to be played for the first time on my new Gamecube. I was quite pleased to see on my trip to London at the weekend that the same Gamecube pack I bought in Guildford for £39.99 was selling for £99.99 in the HMV on Oxford Street, so I'm really pleased with the bargain I got. I really ought to use it more. I'm sure I'll hammer it next week once my girlfriend goes back to France for ten days at Easter and I have free reign of the TV and the PC and can switch between the two at will.

I uploaded my GalCiv2 review to Pro-G last night - expect to see it on the site in the next day or two. I've got to try and knock off a Guild Wars: Factions preview soon. I was on the beta event at the weekend, and despite some cataclysmic lag in the communal areas, it looks rather good. The two new character professions, Assassin and Ritualist are pretty interesting, and the newly raised level cap will be sure to please power gamers. I don't want to go into too much detail here (otherwise I'll have nothing left to write for the preview), but I did see something very funny in one of the communal areas: about a dozen Assassins line dancing in one of the public squares, in almost perfect synchronisation. You'll be pleased to know I got a screenshot of it, though I didn't quite catch it at the most dramatic moment, when all the assassins somersaulted at the same time. This shot doesn't quite do it justice. Note the Ritualists dancing in their underwear in the background.

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