Friday, March 10, 2006

Byte: Damn you, Oskar, now I need to learn Swedish...

Two things today: firstly, Issue Zero of Truth Lasers is out and ready for download.

There are about 40 pieces across 27 pages of awesomeness, about a quarter of which are in English. I'm afraid that you'll just have to learn Swedish to understand the rest, but it's got to be worth it, if only to understand what connection there could possibly be between Tetris and Chuck Norris...

I seem to be the token Brit on the writer team (for this issue at least) and I have two pieces in there, but the two stand-outs for me are Oskar's Gameland Security piece and Mattias Wilkstrom's Outro, which must surely be a rival for any of PC Gamer's "It's All Over" back pages of recent years.

There's a possibility that for future issues Truth-Lasers will either go fully English (translated) or completely the other way and go pan-European, with people from places like France, Germany, Italy, etc, writing pieces in their own native language, too. I'll be bunging the link to a German friend I made on my trip to Milan, to see if he'd be interested in contributing, and if I can persuade my girlfriend to help me with the translation, you may even see a piece from me in French. Which would be different, to say the least.

The second must-see link for the day (care of Mark) is something you may have seen already, but if you haven't, make with the clicky-clicky. It's a gameplay video from 2005's Game Developer's Conference of Will Wright's new game, Spore, which will be coming out sometime later this year, probably. It's a half-hour long video, but it you have to watch it the whole way to the end. The sheer ambition and scope of the game warms my cockles in the best possible way. My prediction: Spore will be bigger than The Sims.
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