Friday, March 03, 2006

Byte: Creative frenzy

I've had a manic week or so on the games writing front. In the space of 10 days, I've written two previews, I'm halfway through two separate game reviews, plus I've also written two pieces for Oskar Skog's Truth Lasers, the first issue (innovatively called Issue Zero, rather than the more traditional Issue One, in homage to the late State Magazine) of which should be appearing around the 10th of March. It's a joint Swedish-Anglo project (I say Swedish-Anglo, rather than Anglo-Swedish, as the majority of the pieces aren't going to be written in English - at least, not in their original form), and knowing Oskar, will have a lot of interesting stuff in it. Anglophile supporters of the project include not only myself, but also such UK games journalism luminaries as Kieron Gillen, Richard Cobbett, Jim Rossignol and Ian Shanahan. Please note that I hesitate to compare myself to any of the aforementioned names in anything other than ego size and passion for videogames... Certainly not in terms of writing talent.

Keep an eye on the Truth Lasers site; as Kieron himself says, this is something worth paying attention to.
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