Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Byte: Well, that doesn't happen every day...

My editor on Pro-G grabs me on MSN and says, "Do you fancy going to a press trip next week?"

I reply, "It depends... Where, and what's it for?"

So then he tells me.


And it gets better. It's an all expenses paid press junket to cover racing game Evolution GT. As you know, I like my racing games. Plus I get to meet and interview Gabriele Tarquini, ex-Formula One driver and former BTCC and ETCC Touring Car Champion.

How fucking cool is that? Not bad for your first ever press trip, eh? I've never been to Italy before, either. You might say I'm rather looking forward to it. All I have to do between now and next Thursday is learn some Italian...

I still can't quite believe it. Holy shit.
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