Thursday, February 09, 2006

Byte: I'm doomed

With there being absolutely nothing out there of interest worth playing at the moment, at least on the formats I own, and nothing interesting coming out for at least another month (barring Psychonauts), I'm giving serious thought to re-subbing to World of Warcraft and ressurrecting my characters on Zenedar.

I've been playing quite a bit of the RF Online Beta, and I have to confess, the more I play it, the less I like it. It's simply grind, grind, grind, and that's no fun at all. I'm told by people also on the Beta that it gets much better once you're of a level to participate in the massed PvP combat, but I'm not sure if I can really be bothered grinding my way up through another 15 levels or more to get to the interesting bits. In my opinion, for an MMORPG to work, you need to disguise the level grind (or at least make it fun) - which is what World of Warcraft and Auto Assault do so well.

Auto Assault isn't due until around mid-April, and I quite fancy playing an MMORPG in the meantime. I am quite enjoying Guild Wars, but I haven't found anyone to really play it with yet, and soloing in an MMORPG is only enjoyable up to a point. Which brings me neatly back to WoW. Unfortunately, having not played the game in nearly four months, and having had a hard drive wipe between then and now means that not only do I have to reinstall from scratch, I've got about a year's worth of patches to catch up on. Which isn't going to be pretty. It'll need about three days just to install the patches. Plus I've undoubtedly been kicked out of my guild by now for not playing...

I have been trying to stave off reinstalling WoW, by picking up a few games in the January sales. I've mentioned GTR before, which is absolutely joyous. Hard as nails and as unforgiving as a wronged wife to play, but looks great and is really rewarding when you nail that hot lap around Donington or Spa. I also picked up SWAT 4, on the advice of the redoubtable DAT500, but it steadfastly refuses to work on my PC. It just gives me a wonderfully black screen and crashes everytime I try to run it, and no updating of drivers or game patching makes the blindest bit of difference at all. So if anyone wants to relieve me of my copy and free up some space in my ever more crowded games box, feel free to email me at lord[underscore]thrawn[underscore]of[underscore]thrawn[at]hotmail[dot]com with your address. First come, first served. Don't expect a swift delivery, though. I'm notoriously bad at getting things into the post...
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