Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Byte: The Twelve Month Rule

Even though Windows is a heck of a lot friendlier than it used to be, I still hate it, for one reason: The Twelve Month Rule.

It basically states that no matter how well you maintain your PC, after approximately twelve short months, give or take a month or two, the operating system (due to its innate shitness) will get its knickers so much in a twist that you'll be forced to take a digital hammer to your hard drive, wipe it clean and reinstall everything from scratch. I've been meaning to do it now for a couple of months, because my games rig has been throwing the odd wobbler since the anniversary of the release of Half-Life 2 (as long time readers will know, I got my PC and Half-Life 2 on the very same joyous day).

Today proved the final straw when Norton (in its infinite wisdom) decided that it was going to mysteriously delete the two key dll files that it needs to run, and threw constant "Ahhhh! Help meeeeeee!" pop-ups at me for about ten minutes, killing my wireless network along the way. I don't mind the Internet Security Suite throwing a wobbler, but taking down my internet access as well. That's just going too far. So I back up all my essential files to CD, and out comes the box with all the driver disks and my copy of XP Pro.

Ten minutes later, and we're in the middle of a full format and OS reinstall. That'll learn you, Norton, ya bastard! So now I get to look forward to an evening of reinstalling all my games. Hurrah!
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