Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Byte: Graaaaaggghhh!

A friend of mine, Kaspar, has introduced me to a very strange little browser-based online RPG, called Urban Dead. It's little more than a text-based multi-user-dungeon (MUD) with a Night Of The Living Dead theme, but what makes it interesting is that every zombie you see in the game is another player.

As a zombie, you can't do that much, except try to kill people and go "Graaaaaggghhh!" a lot. If you choose to play as one of the non-zombie classes, it's slightly easier to gain experience points, but should you be unlucky enough to run out of Action Points (which are given back to you at the rate of one every half-hour) in a zombie-infested area, there's a distinct likelihood that you'll get killed, at which point you'll join the zombie horde.

The fact that it's action point-based, rather than real-time or turn-based means that it's never going to take up *too* much of your time, meaning that it's far more suitable for little blasts of work avoidance than the addictiveness of Zookeeper or Bilbana. If you do check it out, my advice would be to try the Fireman class, as having an axe beats having a gun, since an axe never runs out of ammunition...
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