Friday, December 16, 2005

Bark: Pigeon Street

Yesterday I was working down at our office in Portsmouth (nominally to go to a team meeting, the real reason being to attend our team's Christmas bash) - the first time in five years that I've actually ever made it down to company HQ. Given the journey there, I can see why I've spent so long avoiding it.

Getting to North Harbour (or Pearl Harbour, as one of my ex-managers used to describe it - and after going there, I finally know why) is a bit of a nightmare, to say the least. The reason I hate travelling somewhere new is that the first time you go there, during that last couple of miles, you usually end up getting hopelessly lost, no matter how good a set of directions manage to download, because it's very difficult trying to read directions AND drive at the same time. North Harbour in Portsmouth is a particularly difficult place to find, because it's at the junction of two motorways and a couple of A-roads, all of which intertwine with each other, which makes the place you want to go rather difficult to find when the instructions tell you to avoid taking the M27 and M275, but to get onto the road it's actually on, you have to take an exit signed "M27/M275"...

So it might not be a surprise to find that I got rather horribly lost not once, but a grand total of three times trying all the roads that weren't signed for the M27 or M275. On one of these off-track excursions, I did something in a car I've never done before. I realised pretty quickly that I'd taken a wrong turn, and used a side road to turn around. The road was clear, so I pulled out and was getting back up to cruising speed when a pigeon in the hedge on the opposite side of the road decided that it would be a good time to fly over the road to the other hedge. I see him dip down below the level of my car roof and I think "Oh dear, this isn't going to end well..." because he was far too close for me to even think about taking evasive action.

So this poor avian creature smacks into the windscreen, just above my passenger side windscreen wiper and bounces off (no damage to the car, thankfully), a quick look in the rear view mirror revealing a huge puff of feathers still floating in the air.

My first roadkill! Yay!
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