Monday, December 19, 2005

Bark: Christmas Jeer

Remember the problem I had with the £1000 electricity bill? Well, on Saturday it came back to bite me on the arse. After replacing the meter, and taking a new set of readings, it appears that those rogue 11602kW/h of electricity AREN'T a mistake after all. After checking back through my last couple of year's worth of bills, it would seem that Southern have been underestimating my electricity usage for about the last year and a half, meaning that I do have to pay the bill. Merry Christmas from Southern Electric!

Given the rather catastrophic effect £1000 suddenly disappearing out of my babk account would have, this morning was spent arranging a slightly more bank manager friendly repayment term. Credit where it's due, they were very helpful, and I'm now the proud owner of yet another long-term direct debit, which will repay the money over two years. From now on I'm going to give them meter reading every time they send me a bill, because there's no way I'm letting this happen to me again. The moral of the story? Make sure you don't ignore utility bills that look suspiciously low, because energy companies can back-bill you for SIX YEARS (as I found out from EnergyWatch).

As you might imagine, that put a dampener on the whole weekend, so I went out and did the only reasonable thing. I bought a copy of Mario Kart DS. Which then spectacularly refused to work with my wi-fi. HURRAH! The auto-config won't detect my network, even when smack next to the router, and even manual set-up doesn't help. Well that was a waste of £30 then, wasn't it? Especially since the closest associate I have who has a Nintendo DS lives in Chichester...

Thankfully, tomorrow I fly off to France for ten days, for what should hopefully be a relaxing holiday. So this will be my last entry this year. See you in the new year, chaps!
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