Friday, November 18, 2005

Byte: You see? It *is* good for something after all...

Slightly overdue, but my Civilization 4 review went up today. I'm really quite proud of the intense naffness of the opening two lines. I think it's funny anyway, so hopefully I'll get away with it.

As I mentioned earlier, I'm gripped by strategy fever at the moment. Other than a brief stab at Half-Life 2: Lost Coast, I haven't played an FPS in months (Operation Flashpoint: Elite doesn't really count). I'm almost relieved to get Civilization 4 out of the way, because that will allow me to concentrate on UFO: Aftershock, which I ordered last week from Play, after the Cenega PR's reticence to send out a review copy, followed by their temerity to pester us for a review... Not that I'm grumbling about spending the money - it's a title worth buying, so it will be nice to doubly aid ALTAR Interactive's bottom line, firstly by buying it myself, and then writing a review which will hopefully convince other people to do the same.

I've not had much time to devote to it so far (since I was polishing off an Advance Wars: Dual Strike review last night), but what I've played, I've liked. Lots. Some of the presentation is a little raw around the edges, but its got the same depth and addictiveness factor of the UFO/X-Com of old. I can see myself playing this far beyond the time I have alloted to write the review in. It's a massive improvement upon UFO: Aftermath, so should garner an even larger cult following. Look out for my definitive verdict in the next couple of weeks.

Also on the gaming menu at the moment is X3: Reunion. I've not played either of its predecessors, despite picking up X2 in late August (I never quite got around to it). The rather colossal install would portend that you're in for a visual treat, and how. It's *gorgeous*. I know this isn't saying much, given the level of competition over the last few years, but X3 is the sexiest space game ever made. Dressed up to the nines at 1280x1024 on my rig, it makes my CPU and graphics card chunter under the strain. Arguably, it's one of the best looking games of the year. Not only that, it's got a game to back it up as well. First impressions so far indicate that this is the game Frontier: First Encounters wanted to be. Definite staying potential. Again, keep your eyes peeled for a review soon.
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