Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Byte: You know you've been playing videogames too much when... Top 10

10) ...the sight of a Lego set makes you break out in a cold sweat.

(Game played too much: Meteos)

9) ...you stick to the shadows when walking down the street.

(Game played too much: Thief)

8) ...you try to powerslide around corners in a front wheel drive car.

(Game played too much: Project Gotham Racing 2)

7) ...you strafe around the corners of corridors.

(Game played too much: Doom)

6) ...you use words like "verily" in polite conversation.

(Game played too much: Baldur's Gate II)

5) ...you go "Huht!" whenever you jump.

(Game played too much: Unreal Tournament)

4) ...you say "Oh no... 4. Is. Down!" whenever someone sits down.

(Game played too much: Operation Flashpoint)

3) ...you go through the entire day without saying a single word.

(Game played too much: Half-Life)

2) ...you hire a cleaning maid, just so that you can try to seduce her.

(Game played too much: The Sims 2)

1) ...before you start conversations, you do J.C. Denton's spastic double-arm karate chop gesture.

(Game played too much: Deus Ex)
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