Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Bark: Anniversary

It's the 10th Anniversary of the beginning of my relationship with my girlfriend today. TEN YEARS. That's a staggeringly long time, and all the more incredible when you think that for about half that time we were actually in a long distance relationship, and sometimes didn't see each other for months on end.

A ten year anniversary is obviously a special occasion, so to celebrate it I'm treating her to a weekend in Paris. Right in the middle of the worst rioting and civic disorder in France for the last 40 years. You have to smile at the timing. Still, it should still be very romantic, having dinner by the flickering light of torched cars, and rushing back to the hotel just in time for the curfew...

All we need now are bombs on the Eurostar, but I suppose I shouldn't tempt fate. She's a fickle bitch.
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