Thursday, October 13, 2005

Byte: When will this guy learn to shut up?

You've got to love crusading anti-videogames lawyer Jack Thompson. He's made the generous proposal to donate $10,000 to charity if someone makes a game based on his "cutting" satire of violent videogames.

It won't happen, obviously, because if you read through his proposal, it's utter shite - it wouldn't make a good game, plain and simple, and there's no reason why a game developer or publisher would spend the time and money making the game when all he'd do would be turn around and denounce it as yet another violent influence on American youth. When Gabe from Penny Arcade pointed out that $10k is peanuts compared to the half a million dollars his Child's Play charity (which garners donations from compassionately-minded gamers across the world) has raised for children's hospitals in the US, dear old Jack phoned him up and screamed at him that Gabe would "regret it" if he contacted him again. Such a charming man. Thompson's favourite target, Take 2 (publisher of the GTA series) should just donate a whole load of cash to charity as a good-faith response and make him look like an idiot.

Not that he needs much help in that. Thompson's a laughing stock within the videogames community, but also a living example of how if you misguidely shout completely biased information based on utterly fatuous evidence loudly and incoherently for long enough, eventually the media (and thereby politicians) will sit up and take notice. Sometimes I think that paedophiles and murderers get better press than gamers. I think it's time that we gamers started taking back the mainstream media, before the videogame censorship bandwagon has had too many people leap on it.
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