Monday, October 17, 2005

Byte: De-licious!

You may remember Jack Thompson's offer to pay the favourite charity of Take 2's CEO $10,000 dollars if someone made a game based on his proposal?

Well, Jack made a slight semantic error in his proposal. He doesn't have the depth of knowledge in videogames to realise that not all games are rendered in ultra-violent, realistic 3D. So a few enterprising bedroom coders have taken up the challenge and produced a few text adventures based on his game idea.

The first one is the closest to letter of Jack's proposal, as the producers are actually distributing it and selling it (for 50 cents) via their website, and they all definitely qualify as games. The text adventure is one of the oldest, and arguably purest, forms of videogame. I hope Thompson's prepared to put his money where his mouth is and doesn't try and weasel out of donating the money to charity on a technicality. That wouldn't be like a lawyer at all, would it?
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