Friday, October 14, 2005

Bark: The Disunited Kingdom of America

World famous budget videogames reviewer, adventure games enthusiast, freelance wordsmith and God Botherer, John Walker, has used the opportunity of a trip to the USA to usurp their wayward political system and install himself as Monarch.

By virtue of simply answering the call on his blog, I have now been granted the Dukedom of Montana, under the name of my lesser known alias, Iain Someone. I do have prior experience in running State affairs, so I have no doubt that I can probably do a better job than most career politicians, and that being in charge of the 4th largest US State should pose no real problems at all. I fully intend to abuse my position by spending most of my time hunting dinosaur fossils in the Montana Badlands, syphoning away State funds into Swiss Bank accounts for my own personal gain, and commissioning the companies of friends of mine to construct a lavish mansion in several thousand hectares of some of the most beautiful countryside the continent of North America has to offer, whilst completely ignoring the trival concerns of my insignificant subjects.

All hail King John!
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