Monday, October 31, 2005

Bark: Crisis averted!

I had a fun lunchtime today, persuading my electricity company that it's not physically possible for a one bedroom flat to run up a £1000 electricity bill, regardless of how cock-eyed a story they concoct about underestimated bills over the last year. Looking at the bill itself and the cover-letter explaining the sudden appearance of eleven thousand kW/h on my bill, the logic just didn't track through. I had to go back two years to find a bill with a daytime energy reading of around 1500 (the initial charge point for this bill), not one year since the last confirmed reading a year ago (which they admitted themselves in the cover letter was closer to 8000).

So, I ring them up (managing to remain cheerfully civil, incredibly) and explain this to them, take a complete set of meter readings, and it appears that there's something wrong with the electricity meter. (No shit, Sherlock!) There are three rates on an electricity meter, daytime energy, nighttime energy and so-called stored energy. It appears that the units that should have been logged to the stored energy rate (at around 2p per kW/h) were in fact being recorded against the daytime energy rate (at 8.25p per kW/h), vastly inflating my bill.

We make an appointment to replace the electricity meter, and they freeze my account until the meter is replaced, I can provide them with a new set of readings and they can revise my bill.

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