Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Byte: Plague

This hasn't happened on my WoW server yet (to my knowledge), but it appears that one thing added in the recent patch has had a rather unintended (and spectacularly disasterous) effect. A new raid dungeon has been added, Zul'Gurub. The Boss in this instance has a rather evil debuff effect called Corrupted Blood, which pretty much instantly kills any character below Level 50, and is a tad virulent, spreading to any allies within reach. This has resulted in almost entire servers being wiped out, as some characters have inadvertantly brought the disease back into the game world, rather than just containing it within the instance.

It's a glorious cock-up by Blizzard - I don't think they ever imagined that people would exit the instance whilst infected and spread it to the outside world. A lack of playtesting there, methinks. It must be awesome in a place like Ironforge: if the lag doesn't get you, the dreaded lurgy will! At least some people have seen the funny side...
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