Saturday, September 10, 2005

Bark: Thunder

Thank goodness for wireless laptops and handheld consoles. We're having a wonderfully intense thunderstorm here at the moment - just like last Saturday, actually. Lightning is flashing directly overhead, brighter than my lounge light, and thunder's crashing against the windows, so we've turned off the TV and isolated my desktop PC from the power socket. There's less than a one second gap between the lightning and the thunder, so at most it's going off around 300 metres away, and the storm has been rumbling around for about an hour. It's gone very, very black out there, too.

The rain's hammering down as well, though thankfully we live on the top of a hill, so we don't need to worry about the kind of localised flooding that hit London yesterday.

I'm going to get another glass of wine and settle down with a good book. This thunderstorm's probably going to last a lot longer than my Thinkpad's battery...
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