Saturday, September 10, 2005

Bark: Rain Dance

It's been a rain disrupted day at the Oval in the final Ashes test, which will no doubt please the guys running the rather churlish Rain Dance For The Ashes website, because (in theory) every minute spent off the field brings The Ashes a little bit closer to home. It doesn't look although that people have been dancing hard enough, because it looks like this match is going to go to the wire. England don't look like getting the Aussies out at all - they could probably safely bat out the next 2 days, if it weren't for the fact that they needed to bowl England out again - and the weather doesn't look like it's going to intervene much tomorrow or on Monday. It's been a fabulous series, so it'd be a little bit of a shame for the result to be decided by the weather. Oooh. Ponting's just spooned a Flintoff delivery to Strauss in the gulley as I type - only the second wicket of the day. Let's hope this is the start of an Australia batting collapse. (Fat chance of that, methinks)

Another place where it'd be a shame to have rain tomorrow is Spa. The Belgian Grand Prix is my favourite one on the calendar, because it's such a beautiful circuit. The Eau Rouge is the most spectacular corner in Formula One: an uphill left-right-left kink taken absolutely flat out in top gear. It's absolutely heartstopping to drive it in a simulation like Grand Prix 3, the corner comes at you so quickly. Kimi Raikkonen must've nearly had a heart attack when he took so much kerb in the middle of the corner during his qualifying lap, because I'd never seen anyone take so much kerb in Eau Rouge without ending up in the wall on the exit of the corner. That McLaren's *really* glued down to the track. Shame it's such an ugly car, really. It should be a good race tomorrow, provided that it doesn't start wet - a rain shower in the middle of the race could make things interesting, though. My money's still on Alonso for the title, but I'm tipping Montoya for the win tomorrow. He finally seems to be finding his feet in the McLaren, after an uncharacteristically quiet season. Montoya's one of the real characters, and real racers, in Formula One, so it's nice to have him back on form in a really decent car.
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