Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Bark: Lay off our Freddie!

There have been a few snickering editorials going round about Andrew Flintoff's post-Ashes all-nighter today. Lay off the guy, I say. Personally, I think he's entitled to get completely trashed after helping win the Ashes. Hell, if I'd been part of the team, I would have too. I hope he takes advantage of his newly awarded Freedom of the City of Preston, and *does* drive a flock of sheep through the town centre, too. It'd be nice to see someone make full use of the right, for once. Freddie's going to have one hell of a headache this morning, but after what happened on Monday, I think he'll have found it was worth it.

Meanwhile, in other news, the fuel protests are the very definition of a damp squib. Not only is there absolutely no blockading of oil refineries at all, it appears that only a few people could actually be bothered to turn out for the protests. The largest protest so far seems to only have a dozen or so people at it. So all those people rushing out to horde fuel in case of a shortage are actually the ones *causing* the problem. As I said yesterday: IDIOTS.

I'm taking no chances and working from home for the next few days to save diesel, because I fully expect the vast majority of people to ignore the messages being put out by the media that there isn't a supply problem and go out and create one by themselves... They were five deep in the tiny little BP garage in the centre of town last night. You would have thought that if people were worried about running out of petrol, they'd be a bit more conservative going down the motorways. No, I'm popping back down the M3 at 50 miles per gallon (averaging about 60-65mph, a good 10mph less than usual) and everyone else is still hammering down the motorway at 80 or 90. The British public deserves the self-imposed misery it keeps heaping upon itself, because they're too stupid to listen to what's actually being said and think rationally, so instead, they keep putting two and two together and making five.
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