Saturday, July 02, 2005

Bark: Federer

Everyone loves a winner, and it really does help when that winner's such a nice bloke with it. The thing that really impresses me about Roger Federer isn't just his game, which is first class - he made the World Number 2 look a little stupid today - but his attitude off the court is genuinely *world* class.

Even if you've never played tennis in your life, though, you can see the beauty in the way he plays the game. I've been watching Wimbledon for 20 years now, and Federer has to rank up there with the best I've ever seen. His backhand is a real thing of beauty - the follow-through on the shot, and the way he can alter his grip to adjust the spin, it's fabulous to watch. The way he can control the spin of the ball is just phenomenal - a couple of the shots against Hewitt today were simply outrageous. It's looking like the Federer/Roddick final I predicted is on the cards - it should be a fantastic watch on Sunday - probably a better one than the Grand Prix, if the US one was anything to go by. Don't miss it - without a shadow of a doubt, he's one of the great sportsmen of the world.
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