Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Bark: Do my eyes deceive me?

A bit late, but I do have to say a few words about the Wimbledon Men's final. The way Federer took apart Roddick was awe inspiring - the guy's on another planet to the rest of tennis at the moment. Some of Federer's shot-making defies belief - it's a privilege to watch. He's absolutely a contender for Best Tennis Player Ever. Though perhaps the most pleasing thing about the final was the way Andy Roddick took defeat.

No "he was lucky" or "I played badly", just the humble realisation that he's not even on the same level, and that he's got to go away and work his tail off to compete. An American sportsman gracious and humble in defeat? Andy, you won another fan in me on Sunday.

The whole tournament has been great - the coverage on the website was good (a little corporate plug, there - the shot tracker was really cool), but the TV coverage on the BBC was the best I remember for a while. Having people like John McEnroe, Jimmy Connors, Boris Becker and Tracy Austin providing colour commentary was fantastic - their enthusiasm for the game really shines through. It might not make me pick up a racquet in anger (tennis was never my strongest sport), but it'll sure keep me watching the game. Just one request, though - show some more of Mansour Bahrami next time - he's an absolute wizard.
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