Thursday, July 14, 2005

Bark: Bastille Day

The Francophiles amongst you will know that today is day the French commemorate the (in some cases, literal) decapitation of their ruling class. Since the 14th of July is treated with the same reverence by the French as the Americans treat the date ten days prior, it should be no surprise that the French staff at the school my other half teaches at press ganged the Principle into flying a French tricolor on the flag pole where the school's standard would normally be raised.

The victorious cry emanating from the passenger seat of my (French) car this morning when my girlfriend saw her national colours hoisted over a middle England school would have curdled the blood of any of the Bastille's defenders on that fateful night in 1789. She's probably going to have all her classes singing La Marseillaise before they start work...
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